Quarterly Bookclub 2 – Wrap

Greetings fellow bookclubbing friends,

Firstly, a big thank-you to Fran for organising our second Bookclub at Eaton Mall in Oakleigh. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to visit this little outdoor gem, it’s loud, energetic and has the vibrancy of all that is what we might imagine a meeting place in a Greek town to be! A must stop is Nikos, you haven’t seen a cake shop until you’ve been here. Opening at 7am and closing at midnight every day, it’s a coffee and cake destination, or that detour on your way home. How did we not finish here on Friday????

NEXT MEETUP: Friday 16th March 2018

BOOK: Moby-dick by Herman Melville 

POETRY: Your choice

Hillbilly Elegy:

A big congratulations to all as we all managed to finish the book this time round! Discussions centred around the contemporary insights against the backdrop of today’s society in the U.S. and the parallels in Australia, Hillbilly = Bogan, generational identity, working class, class mobility and the loss of various industries in regional areas. A timely and relevant topic if ever there was one. If you’d like to further explore this I can highly recommend the ‘Quarterly Essay’ series. They’re ongoing opinion essays on current issues concerning political, social and cultural questions and provide an opportunity to think about some of the important issues affecting society today.

Pillars of the Earth:

Gina and I also got through Sue’s secondary suggestion of ‘Pillars of the Earth’ by Ken Follett. Mixed feelings about this 1076 page monster; repetitive, simplistic, and it was all that, but on a positive I read it when I was in the middle of exams so it was the perfect book for me to wind down to before bed. It didn’t ask too much of me, therefore fitting into the category of what I term a ‘brain clearing’ and Sandy terms ‘pulp’ books. I’m a big believer that these books have a valued place at different times in our reading life.


It seems we’re all impacted by the beauty and insightfulness that this genre has the power to provide the reader. What a treat it was to share with each other poems that have touched us at different moments or that we continue to be drawn back to. A truly delicious addition to our format, so explore and enjoy if you have time.

Fran: ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph

Sandy: ‘Wild Geese’ by Mary Oliver

Gina: ‘Bright Star’ by John Keats

Jody: ‘Sonnet 130’ (My Mistress Eyes) by William Shakespeare


There was a consensus towards a classic for the next meetup and we raised the idea of supporting each other in our reading wish list. ‘Those books’ that we’ve always wanted to read, but for some reason have never quite got to. I think of them as my ‘bragging rights bunch’! And as one of those fitted the criteria of a classic, and of which none of us had read, we settled on Moby-dick. Quite fitting as we’re coming up to the summer months where we’re all likely to partake at sometime in some ocean swimming…

We also discussed the option of an Australian author, which even though we didn’t end up selecting one, we all agreed that we should look to explore for the Bookclub after perhaps. On that note I think Tim Winton’s new book is due to be released around mid-March so that may be one to consider. Bring along your suggestions and we’ll decide on the night. Gina also suggested that we select a secondary book for those that have the time, I think this is a great idea even though we didn’t settle on one this time.

I want to emphasise that this isn’t the type of Bookclub that you can’t come to if you haven’t read the book, we’re all busy and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Nor are you expected to even turn up, if you can make it you’re most welcome, if not, then maybe next time. If you know someone who wants to join in then by all means invite them, it can be as a one off guest or ongoing. It’s simply about people getting together every few months to chat primarily about books and poetry, and then perhaps even movies or plays or even podcasts, or anything at all that you think might be of interest.

On another note, Sue has floated the option of a Bookclub on her boat ‘Claire’. As discussed at Bookclub, this is a great option for an extra event for those that are interested in reading poetry on the high seas of the bay! It would mean putting aside a day rather than the quarterly Bookclubs format of a few hours, but I can highly recommend this as a fabulous day out and if it does go ahead I will definitely be joining in. I will endeavour to find some fearsome watery offerings to inspire and startle…I’ll leave this up to Sue to organise, but wanted to flag it with the rest of the group.

So until next time,

J xx

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