Quarterly Bookclub 1 – Wrap

Good Morning!

And what a superb morning it is with the sun on the back of my head while in front the bay and to the left a strong brew of Irish breakfast!

For those of you that missed out on joining us, let me be quite clear, you really did miss out…the desserts alone were gastronomic masterpieces.

While only Gina (and Sandy) managed to complete ‘The Ministry of the Utmost Happiness’, I think I just may be convinced that I will be rewarded by getting through to the end…at the very least we are all in awe that you found the will to get to the end!

We’ve decided to go with one of Fran’s suggestion of a non-fiction for the next Meetup:

Book: The Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Date: Friday 15th December (ish)

Poetry came up as a genre that we’re all interested in exploring so we’ve decided to add it to our quarterly agenda with a scattergun approach to start. We each bring along a poem or poet that we have connected with and introduce it to the group. I think in time it would be quite rewarding to profile a poet.

Fran also reviewed the NGV’s current exhibition ‘The House of Dior’ and they also have an exhibition by Hokusai on at the moment which I’m quite keen to see as well. Gina and I are thinking of going this Saturday afternoon before a MSO performance we are attending that night, so by all means join us if you’re keen.

Another event that the NGV offer is music on a Friday night which by all accounts is a fabulous night out. I’m going to keep an eye out on upcoming exhibitions and combine this with a musical performance on a Friday night some time soonish.

I’ve been watching the construction of the pop up of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre at the Myer Music Bowl over the past couple of months and I’m planning to try an attend a couple of performances. At this stage I’m looking to go to ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ with my friend Nat, so if any of you are interested in joining me for any of the other performances, just let me know. Tickets seem to be selling fast so I’ll be deciding over the next few days.

Sue mentioned another author that may be of interest, Ken Follett. ‘Pillars of the Earth’ is described as a historical masterpiece, so I may just join Sue in reading this.

J xx

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