Book Review: Mythos

by Stephen Fry

Review: What a fascinating and intriguing introduction into the world of Greek mythology. I had no idea it was so intricate, encompassing, influential and relevant to so much that we experience on a daily basis, from commonly known emblems like that seen on an ambulance to the many lexical derivations like xenophobes which originates from the word Xenia meaning hospitality, the sacred duties of hosts towards guests, and guests to hosts of which The King of the Gods was sometimes referred to as Zeus Xenios. The stories are wildly debauched, achingly tragic, and madly hilarious. There’s the constellations, why mulberries are crimson, the many associations with figs, Shakespearian references and why a spider weaves a web, I could go on and on! Fry has managed to awaken what I expect will be a life-long curiosity, how many books do we read that can do that? This book deserves a second reading.

Pages: 410

Genre: Fiction, Greek Mythology

Blurb: No one loves and quarrels, desires and deceives as boldly and brilliantly as Greek gods and goddesses. They are like us, only more so – their actions and adventures scrawled across the heavens above.

From the birth of the universe to the creation of humankind, Stephen Fry – who fell in love with these tales as a child – retells these myths for our tragic, comic, fateful age. Witness Athena born from the cracking open of Zeus’s great head and follow Persephone down into the dark realm of Hades. Experience the terrible and endless fate of Prometheus after his betrayal of Zeus and shiver as Pandora opens her jar of evil torments.

The Greek gods are the best and worst of us, and in Stephen Fry’s hands they tell us who we are. Mythos – smart, funny and above all great fun – is the retelling we deserve by a man who has been entertaining the nation for over four decades.

Blurb Source: Fry, S., (2017), Mythos, Penguin Random House.

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